Police bust teenager twice in two days over drink


A 19-year-old Queenstown man done for drink-driving last Thursday landed in more trouble with the cops the following night. 

The offender was stopped behind the wheel of his car in Stanley Street at 5am and when breath-tested blew 973 micrograms – more than twice the legal limit. 

Then at 10.45pm last Friday, the same man was charged with obstructing police while his mate, also 19, was being arrested for stealing a bottle of whisky from Betty’s Liquor Store in Rees Street. 

“The alleged shoplifter had tucked the bottle of spirits up his sleeve while a shop worker was being distracted by the other man,” sergeant Kate Pirovano says. 

“When police attended, the man causing the distraction turned out to be the same individual who had been done for drink-driving the previous day. 

“He kept sticking his oar in and getting in the way of the officers, so he was arrested as well.”

Dozy drunk kips on course

A 24-year-old man from Kaitangata was arrested at Kelvin Heights golf course last Thursday evening while sleeping off a booze session. 

“Earlier, the man had allegedly entered an address on Peninsula Road and demanded a stubby,” Pirovano says. 

“He became abusive when confronted by the property owner and left but promising to return. 

“He was later located by police while he was having a kip on the golf course.” 

Meanwhile, a 43-year-old local man was charged with assaulting his Littles Road housemate after a violent incident last Friday night. 

“The victim is an associate of the alleged offender and apparently they had some sort of disagreement,” Pirovano comments. 

“The victim was punched to the ground and suffered facial injuries.”

Tourist assaults bouncer

A crazed Canadian visitor who pushed a bouncer off the balcony of a resort bar is awaiting sentencing. 

At Queenstown District Court on Monday, landscape gardener Jeffrey David Derwent, 21, pleaded guilty to the charge of injury under circumstances that if death had been caused he would have been guilty of manslaughter. 

Derwent had been refused entry to the World Bar in Shotover St because he was drunk, at about 2am on October 13. 

The offender then unleashed a barrage of punches on the victim, pushing him over the first-floor balcony to the concrete footpath several metres below. 

The doorman suffered fractures to his left forearm, requiring urgent medical attention. 

Judge Kevin Phillips convicted Derwent and remanded him for sentencing on November 29. 

The offender was granted bail with a curfew and told to report to Queenstown police three times a week. 

Derwent was also told to surrender his passport, not to purchase or consume alcohol, not to enter licensed premises and not to communicate with the victim.

Shoplifters busted

A female tourist, 30, from China was arrested for nicking lipstick from Unichem Wilkinsons Pharmacy in The Mall at lunchtime last Friday. 

“It’s crazy for people to come here on holiday and do this sort of thing,” Pirovano observes. 

“The lady had already paid for other items and also had enough cash on her to buy the lipstick.” 

A 15-year-old local girl was also done for shoplifting at Fresh Choice supermarket at 8.45am last Thursday.