Please stop, Mrs Mop


A resort drink-driving suspect was arrested after she lost the plot. 

The woman, a cleaner, was spotted weaving wildly while driving along Arthurs Point Road in a vehicle with a burst tyre at 11.25pm last Saturday. 

Senior constable Sean Drader: “She apparently then crashed into a bank and tried to keep driving but became hysterical when police arrived. 

“Members of the public had seen her trying to drive with sparks flying – she was down to the tyre rims.” 

The woman was charged with refusing to accompany police, refusing to give blood and operating a vehicle carelessly.

French farce

A 26-year-old Frenchman was slapped with three charges after speeding away from police in the early hours of last Thursday. 

He was eventually collared after a frantic chase around Fernhill during which the driver abandoned the vehicle and hid from pursuing officers in someone’s garden. 

“The alleged offender had been doing speeds of up to 110kmh through roadworks,” Drader says. 

“Unfortunately for him, he left his driving licence behind in the car when he scarpered – quite a helpful clue when it came to locating him.” 

The man was charged with driving a vehicle at a dangerous speed, failing to stop for police and unlawfully being in an enclosed yard.

Officer – who am I?

A Queenstown woman, 30, was so drunk in the CBD at 6am on Tuesday that she couldn’t even remember where she lived. 

“She’d got into a taxi but could barely talk and didn’t have a clue,” Drader says. 

“Police took her home when she eventually recalled where she stayed.”


Oh no you don’t

Queenstown cops spring into action to arrest a suspected fraudster at the Deco backpackers. 

Officers pounced last Thursday afternoon after a 27-year-old Swiss tourist reported her credit card had been nicked from her room and it had been used to buy two T-shirts and a hoodie, totalling $155. 

A German woman, 20, also staying at the hostel, was charged with the offence and given diversion.