Please sir, may I have more props?


Showbiz Queenstown has delved into the depths of Lakes District Museum to portray the shady underworld of 1850s’ London for its musical Oliver!. 

Curator David Clarke last week opened up the Arrowtown museum’s basement to director Stephen Robertson and props manager Jade Wakeford to gather props for the production, which opens next Thursday. 

The pair left with chairs, tables, bottles, a wooden chest, a rifle and several other hand-held items to create the mood of the show, based on Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel Oliver Twist. 

“Authenticity is very important – that [the props] look as though they’re from the correct period,” Robertson says. 

“They might not be but they’d have to look authentic.” 

It’s unusual for theatre companies to borrow artefacts from museums, he says. 

“Quite often props are built for you but it was a much easier process to be able to put your hands on them.”

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