Pint of stupidity, thanks


Licensees serve themselves an Easter special.

Despite the quietest Easter in a long time, Queenstown police are nevertheless concerned some licensed premises flouted the terms of special liquor licences issued for the long weekend.

“We identified a number of breaches of special licences granted to various pubs and clubs and we’ll be following that up with the liquor licensing authority,” says sergeant Brian Cameron.

“The nature of the breaches involved operating outside the times of their conditions. To do this for the sake of a few extra bucks is just stupidity.”

Cameron adds: “In general, police were pleased at seeing a relatively trouble-free holiday period compared to recent years, which was probably helped by the good weather.”

Triple whammy of shoplifters

Three tourists were nicked for shoplifting over Easter.

Last Friday at 3.30am, a 21-year-old male from England was lifted for stealing a beanie hat from the Night ‘n’ Day in Camp Street. “Maybe he was hungry and mistook it for a hairy meat pie,” Cameron says.

At 5pm last Saturday, a 37-year-old Welshman was nabbed after he stole some aftershave from Wilkinsons Unichem Pharmacy in Rees St and bolted. Shop staff followed him back to his hotel and he was subsequently arrested.

And at lunchtime on Easter Sunday, a thief struck at Wilkinsons again. This time a man from Christchurch was caught stealing a stick of eye mascara.

“These kinds of incidents by visitors are just pathetic,” Cameron says. “The annoying thing is, in all three cases, the alleged offenders had enough money in their pockets to pay for the items. It’s crazy.”

Drunk’s bum note

A 31-year-old Auckland man was arrested in Camp St at 10.25pm on Good Friday due to his extreme level of intoxication.

“He’d been serenading a lady at a bus stop and had refused to leave McDonald’s when asked,” says Cameron.

“Clearly he couldn’t hold his liquor – or hold a tune.”

Trouble on roads

A 26-year old male driver from Cromwell was blood-tested after his vehicle, containing three passengers, crashed on Peninsula Road in Kelvin Heights at 4pm last Saturday.

The car spun out of control while overtaking another vehicle at speed and all four were taken to Lakes District Hospital with minor injuries.

“A blood sample was taken as alcohol is suspected,” says Cameron.

And a 51-year old Arrowtown man was arrested on Friday morning after being located in relation to a vehicle crash that happened in Haast on March 13. He was charged with dangerous driving and careless use of a motor vehicle.

Tanked-up offender

A Queenstowner, 25, was charged with wilful damage and processed for drink-driving after allegedly pouring sugar into the petrol tank of his ex-girlfriend’s car.

The victim was visiting from Christchurch and the man is believed to have taken exception to the woman kicking his TV set after an argument at his home at 10pm last Saturday.

He allegedly drove to a supermarket to buy the sugar before depositing it in the fuel tank.

Well over limit

A 36-year-old Queenstown woman was done for drink-driving at 2am on Easter Sunday after crashing into a parked car on Wynyard Crescent in Fernhill.

“She blew 1292 micrograms – that’s an extremely high amount,” says Cameron.