Project boss: The Human Project founder Jordan Ranson

As Jordan Ranson points out, it can be pretty tough to find beauty in the world sometimes.

That’s why the Queenstowner’s starting a new creative endeavour to share stories of inspiration with the world, starting right here in the resort.

Ranson, 25, is the man behind The Human Project.

Think Humans of New York, but on film and with a Kiwi twist.

“Basically, it’s an idea to feature interesting humans, it doesn’t matter who they are, they could be rich or poor, black or white, it really doesn’t matter, and basically tell their story in a way that might inspire and motivate others,” Ranson says.

It all started when he met a guy called ‘AJ’, who plays the piano in town.

“I thought ‘man, I want to make a video about this guy’,” Ranson says.

“As I was making the video he said something in the video that was really amazing. He said ‘there are beautiful things all around us, you just have to take the time to notice them’.”

That stuck with him.

“I thought ‘damn AJ, that’s a really good thing to say, that’s so true’, and through trying to find my inspiration and motivation over the past six months, I’ve realised it’s not the easiest thing to actually find that out in the world at the moment.”

While it’s still early days, Ranson’s got big hopes for the project.

“The idea is that the project will be crowd-funded, so people will donate, and that’ll allow myself and hopefully eventually like a team of people to travel around the world to find nominations or interesting people in all corners of the globe.”

The first video, featuring AJ, already has 16,000 views on Facebook.

People can message nominations for people to feature in the videos to Ranson through The Human Project Facebook page.