Pay hike for council boss


Queenstown’s council boss is getting a pay bump.

City Hall confirms councillors voted to give CEO Mike Theelen a 3.6 per cent pay rise, taking his annual salary to $348,000.

In a statement, mayor Jim Boult confirms the salary reflects “continued strong performance by Mr Theelen in developing a council team that’s ready to deliver on the ambitious challenge of the 2018-2028 Ten Year Plan”.

“To be a council that can meet the needs of our district’s diverse communities we need a chief executive that lives and breathes the ‘Can Do Council’ values. Mike is building a culture that is strategic in its vision and creative in developing and delivering solutions to our unique challenges.

Overseeing council activities is an “incredibly demanding role”, Boult says.

“It’s not all about increased traffic and growth issues; Mike’s management team is also focused on delivering excellent services and outstanding community facilities such as parks, reserves and sports and libraries that reflect a passion for the place we call home.

“This is very much reflective of Mike’s leadership.”

The approved increase is within the council’s approved remuneration review guidelines.

Theelen took on the top job in February 2016.