Paving the way


Tracy Cui is among a new breed of Chinese tourism marketers in Queenstown. 

She’s been the first China territories manager for Shotover Jet/Dart River Jet Safaris parent Ngai Tahu Tourism since February. 

Cui’s work with growing Chinese-speaking markets is invaluable, her boss David Kennedy says – this week she was showing round seven Shanghai travel agents. 

Meanwhile her husband, Carson Deng Chen, has been tourism giant Real Journeys’ Chinese-speaking markets sales manager for almost five years. 

His boss Tony McQuilkin says his company has been active in China for 12 years: “It amuses me, you hear all this nonsense from Ngai Tahu Tourism talking about this wonderful market. 

“Well, bugger me days, other people have been at it for years and years and years.” 

McQuilkin says it’s significant that Chinese arrivals into New Zealand dropped last year yet Southern Lakes numbers rose. 

“New Zealand’s tourism is going to be Australia, China and India, in that order.” 

Another local Chinese-speaking marketer is Shuangji Zhou who works with companies like Kawarau Jet and Skyline Enterprises.

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