Party-pooping boss


A 60-year-old company director from Melbourne was arrested for offensive behaviour after being caught urinating in the doorway of the Sushi Box at Stratton House. 

Things went downhill when cops attended at 2am last Saturday. 

“When police arrived the man had also pooped himself,” constable Sean Drader observes. 

“He was found on Beach Street with his pants off and a large amount of his own faeces on his underwear and on the street – classy,” Drader says. 

Meanwhile, a 31-year-old from Arrowtown was slapped with three charges after losing the plot at a bar in the town at 10.45pm last Friday. 

“The man was intoxicated and wasn’t happy when refused service.” 

“He became angry and allegedly caused more problems when police arrived and was charged with disorderly behaviour, resisting police and assaulting police,” Drader says. 

Courting trouble 

A drunken night out sparked trouble for a Fernhill man aged 28. 

At 2.38am last Friday he was found lying drunk in the middle of Lake Esplanade. 

It was later discovered he’d breached bail conditions for previous alleged offences of theft from a dwelling, possessing drugs and driving offences. The man then went berserk when he appeared at Queenstown District Court later in the day for breaking his curfew. 

“He allegedly swore at the JP when informed he would be remanded in custody and was removed from the court,” Drader says. 

“He then allegedly kicked two police officers and one had to go for medical treatment so he was also charged with assaulting police.” 

Nicked at airport 

Three Australians had an extended Queenstown holiday after arrests for making a false complaint. 

Last Friday the men reported items such as camcorders and iPods stolen from them while in the resort. 

“A police officer was sceptical and the items were later discovered with the men at the airport . 

“The men didn’t make it on to their plane, their passports were confiscated and charges were laid,” Drader says. 

Each of the men copped a $1000 fine plus $130 in court costs.