Part sell-off of two Queenstown reserves is mooted


Two Queenstown reserves already being utilised by private users could be partially sold off. 

Queenstown Lakes District Council’s community services committee will decide tomorrow (Tuesday) whether reserve land at Gorge Road and Bowen Street will be revoked and sold to neighbouring property owners already using the plots. 

Gorge Road Park Ltd has been using 300 square metres of reserve land – originally earmarked for drainage purposes – adjacent to its Gorge Rd property as a carpark for about 10 years. 

Dan Egerton from council property managers APL Property states in a report to the committee that the land’s price tag has been placed at $180,000 plus any relevant GST. 

An extra 50 per cent could be tacked onto the sale price for encroachment on the land, since an agreement with QLDC for Gorge Road Park Ltd to use it was never formalised. 

Similarly, since 1997 QLDC have known that a building at 21 Bowen Street was partially built on adjoining reserve land, a report from Egerton says. 

The 193sq m area – “of little to no public benefit given it is landlocked, steep, with the only practical access through the encroacher’s property” – is proposed to be sold for $38,600 plus any applicable GST. 

Even with committee approval, there’s a long list of requirements still to be ticked off – such as public notification and consideration by the full council – before the sales go ahead, Egerton says.