Queenstown Airport is bowing to the blowtorch of public opinion and bringing back a drop-off zone.

It’s part of a swag of parking and traffic improvements which is costing $4.6 million.

Locals will be able to drop mates directly in front of the airport from Saturday, as long as cheerios don’t last more than two minutes.

Airport boss Colin Keel says the change, completed over 18 months, was a response to local concerns.

“Bringing back a quick, convenient way to drop off travellers without going into the main carpark was the number one piece of feedback we received from locals.

“We originally moved drop-offs from there because of safety concerns, but the improvements mean it can now be safely reinstated.”

A new 150-space park and ride also opened last week.

It’ll offer 300 spaces by the end of the year.

That’ll mean an overall parking capacity increase of 70 per cent.

Other pressure points have also been addressed.

There’s a new roundabout just inside the airport entrance and the road has been widened.

Parking punters can also use mobile technology to ‘Tap & Go’, paying for parking while avoiding ticket booths.

Keel: “We’ve listened to feedback from residents and visitors and done our best to achieve a strong balance between options, affordability and convenience.”