Pahl puts CV blooper down to daughter’s mistake on website


Ex-Destination Queenstown boss Stephen Pahl blames his daughter’s mistake for exaggerating his CV on an internet site.

Australian Pahl ran DQ for just eight months between January-September last year. However, Pahl’s personal profile on business-network site Linked In wrongly claimed 13 months’ service from December 2008 to December 2009.

Mountain Scene rang Pahl in Queensland to discuss the discrepancy.

With his shock resignation leaving unanswered questions about a payout, Pahl was asked whether the five extra months on his CV might represent a golden handshake.

Mountain Scene: Would it indicate that 13 months covers the entire time you were paid by DQ?

After initially saying “Well, it may do”, Pahl pulled back: “No, no, no – I’m not saying that at all and I’m not suggesting I’ve had any termination payout at all.”

He’d asked his daughter to put up the website profile.

“If it’s not accurate, it’ll be amended or taken down.

“But what business is it of yours? Haven’t you had enough of a feed off me in Mountain Scene?” Pahl says.
“I just want to be left alone.”

Pahl phoned back just hours later to say he thought his daughter had slipped up with the website’s drop-down menu.

“I think it’s basically just an error but I’ve taken the profile off the site anyway.”

He’s still “a very strong advocate” of Queenstown and has persuaded new employer, Oaks Hotels and Resorts, to be a silver sponsor at this year’s Winter Festival.