Owner cagey on new adult venue


Queenstown’s newest adult entertainment bar is about to open its doors – but the owner says it’s no strip club. 

The exact theme of Shotover Street’s Club 88 will be revealed on Saturday, local publican Adam Nagy says. 

“We’re an entertainment venue – we’re not a strip club, we’re not a titty bar, or anything like that. We’re an adult entertainment venue,” he says. 

Nagy won’t be drawn on whether his Club 88 – restricted to patrons aged 20 plus – is similar to Church Lane strip joint The Cadillac Club: “You’re going to have to come down on Saturday and see – I’m not going to answer any questions or anything like that or incriminate myself in any way at the moment. 

“[We provide] entertainment – dancing, food, drinks, happiness, nice atmosphere, that sort of stuff.” 

Club 88 is situated next to the Vineyard On the Rock New Life Church and is where the old Revolver nightclub, and more recently Melt Bar used to be. 

The short-lived Melt Bar, a popular South American hangout, closed after co-owner Marcelo Da Silva Araujo admitted cloning bank cards. Araujo stole thousands of dollars from patrons by getting the pin details from customers at the bar. 

Nagy says he’s currently working on a new fit-out of the venue. 

“We’re doing a complete renovation – it’s going to be something that Queenstown hasn’t really seen.” 

Nagy adds: “It’s for 25-60-year-olds to come down and enjoy life and not have to worry about loud music or young kids running around, that sort of stuff. 

“It’s suited for men, women, couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, partners.” 

PJ’s Fish and Chips owner John Jones initially applied for the liquor licence under his company Club 88 Queenstown Ltd, but that company name was last week changed to Queenstown Hos­pitality 2012 Ltd. Nagy is listed as the sole director and shareholder of Queenstown Hospitality 2012. 

Nagy, who has previously worked at Queenstown’s former Ministry of Sports bar, says Jones is his “consultant”. 

Jones couldn’t be contacted. 

Club 88’s doors open at 7pm this Saturday. 

Nagy says no cameras are allowed.