Our young bakers on the rise


These little Queenstowners get a tasty reward after cooking up a storm at St Joseph’s School. 

Pictured (from left) are five-year-olds Piet van Asch, Jake Pankhurst, Jack Gutschlag and Olivia Dunn. 

The new entrants are part of St Joseph’s Discovery class – where kids direct their own learning – and the school’s new mobile cooking trolley is helping them get a hands-on baking experience. 

The Community Trust of Southland last year handed over $3000 for the trolley, which contains a small oven, grill and ingredients. It’s used by groups regularly to bake things like pikelets, muffins, gingerbread and apple crumble.
Discovery teacher and deputy principal Lisa Collins says: “We’re in a small school and we don’t have a kitchen or anything that would be suitable to use so we thought it would be great to put together a cooking trolley. 

“The trust felt it was an innovative idea for them.” 

Kids work in small groups to complete one part of the recipe. The “integrated learning” aspects of class baking fit perfectly with the aims of the Discovery class, Collins says. 

“There’re a lot of maths skills and reading skills – having to read recipes and measure out things. 

“Also, those that don’t have the opportunity to bake at home get to bake at school, so it’s good teaching those skills.”