Our very own muscle beach


Queenstown CrossFit trainer Steve Orr puts his charges through their paces in public yesterday. 

The Waitangi Day CrossFit flash-mob of about 20 sweated through a series of typical high-intensity exercises lakeside in Queenstown Bay – including a gruelling “partner-carry” sprint. 

Orr, a former Royal Marine commando, and fellow CrossFit Queenstown owner and trainer Graeme Macdonald started the business in the Wakatipu in May last year and have now got 40-plus people hooked on the fitness buzz. Classes are usually at the Events Centre. 

Orr says: “It prepares you for anything – whether daily physical chores or you’re going to war. That’s where it comes from – it’s military-based fitness scaled for everybody.” 

Orr, also head coach and trainer for Queenstown Winter Festival’s annual Thriller in the Chiller amateur boxing event, says local CrossFit members include a former top soldier and a 50-year-old woman.