Our Olympic duo await starter gun


Queenstown’s two Winter Olympians won’t be letting build-up stutters affect their performances. 

Alpine skier Tim Cafe was about to fly out of the starter blocks at a warm-up event in Switzerland – having just watched 30 competitors do their runs – when it was canned because of wind. 

Skier-cross entrant Mitchey Greig pulled pin on a warm-up event at Lake Placid, New York, because of concerns about course safety. 

“I could have done very well but a few hours later we had four broken hips, one man peeing blood, a lot of broken ribs and a few girls with blown knees,” she says. 

“Although a tough decision, at least I’m still walking, feeling great and in one piece for Vancouver. Bring it on.”
Cafe’s father Wayne – now in Whistler, Canada with the family – says Tim’s had an excellent build-up. 

“He’s going to stand up in that start gate with good preparation and a good mental attitude. That’s all we can ask for.” 

Wayne says he’ll be the one suffering nerves. 

“I’m nervous in anticipation because I want him to have a good race. I’m quite edgy. 

“I’m very proud of him too. He’s spent 15 years getting up at 5am to drive up dark, cold mountains for 200 days of the year,” Wayne says.