Open up your lungs people


A celebration to mark the re-opening of Queenstown’s Memorial Hall will include one of the community’s biggest singalongs. 

Organisers of the opening’s variety show extravaganza are planning to involve as many talented locals as possible for the March 16 event. 

Queenstown Memorial Hall Trust deputy-chair Steve Wilde says the committee has asked musician Emma Wilson, wife of talented blind musician Mark Wilson, to bring together an “all-comers choir”. 

“If we can get 100 people to sing, all the better,” he says. 

Emma says she wants singers – or people who’d like to give it a go – for two songs during the general public afternoon event and the glitzy, invite-only show later that evening.  

“It’s a special, one-time-only event, and it may be the only chance that music can unite the whole community,” she says. 

“There are a lot of choirs in town but they’re all separate. There are so many good singers and I would like to be able to bring them all together.” 

Emma is volunteering her time to coordinate the choir, which will sing two songs. The show also includes a line-up of some of Queenstown’s best-known and loved performers. 

Christchurch-based director Bryan Aitken, who has been involved in recent Showbiz Queenstown productions, will direct. 

Emma expects singers to learn the songs and parts before rehearsals begin on February 26. 

“Ideally we want people who know how to sing in tune or in harmony but I don’t want to turn anybody away who hasn’t necessarily done much,” she adds. 

“I have a real thing about this being an inclusive event, because it’s for the hall.” 

Pre-registration is essential – those keen to join can email Emma at