Open day closure for cafe


Queenstown’s newest café was forced to down aprons on opening day after a miscommunication over red tape.

A hiccup sorting the code of compliance meant the Post Office Café shut the doors just a few hours after opening to the public for the first time today (Thursday).

Café co-owner Jan Rae says she understands the hold-up involved an unresolved matter between building owner Ngai Tahu and Lakes Environmental.

She told staff to close until the matter had been resolved – “We assumed without the compliance we wouldn’t be able to sell food but we’ve since been told we could still have operated given the inspection was happening today,” she says.

“It’s all been a bit bizarre and there’s been some miscommunication but we’re sure it’ll be sorted out so we can open again tomorrow.”

Post Office Café staffer Jason Medina decided to do a bit of “taste marketing” to fill the day and armed the other five front-of-house employees with baskets of food.

“We don’t want to be serving yesterday’s food tomorrow so we visited our neighbours and doled out sandwiches and muffins,” he says. “At least now they’ve had a free taste of what we’re doing and they can come in tomorrow.”

The Post Office Café is the fourth Queenstown restaurant for Jan, Alex Boyes, Martin James and his wife Megan who also own Steamer Wharf restaurant’s Wai and Finz and Bella Cucina in Brecon St.

Mountain Scene couldn’t reach Lakes Environmental for comment.