Strong support: The Remarkables is staying open, daily, for one more week. PICTURE: HOLLY CAUNT


NZSki’s decided to keep The Remarkables running for another full week, before opening at weekends only.

The skifield turned on the chairlifts for 2020 on July 4, coinciding with school holidays, and initially intended to dial it back from July 20, reopening only for weekends.

But they’ve decided the pow’s too good and the numbers are strong enough to justify another week of full-time, reverting to weekends only after July 26.

Ski area boss Ross Lawrence says the school holiday numbers in the past week “exceeded expectations”, and they want to give locals and visitors more time to enjoy the slopes.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from guests whose school holidays didn’t quite line up with our two weeks of daily operations so we wanted to give them a chance to visit us before heading back to school and work.

“Conditions up here are fantastic at the moment … [so] we encourage everyone to get up here to enjoy it for themselves.”

The Remarks will revert to daily operations again on September 26 till the close of the 2020 season, on October 11.