One month to send in your gnarly bike snaps


Photographers have one month remaining to submit their stunning shots of Queenstown mountain bikers for a new calendar. 

Queenstown Mountain Bike Club has been inundated with entries for a calendar it’s launching next season, but some categories are still under-represented. The ‘Queenstown Bike Park’ category has the most submissions so far, while ‘snow’ has the least. 

Organiser Sarah Bogle says: “We’re looking forward to adding a few more in there after the Winter Festival Bikes on Snow event. 

“The big surprise is how few entries the ‘7 Mile’ theme has received – only three so far. There must be some great photos still out there, though, given the number of people who ride out there.” 

There are still opportunities for businesses to sponsor various months of the popular calendar. 

Winter Festival will also host the first event in this year’s National Cyclocross Series – a muddy cross country slog around a 2km loop at Remarkables Park. There will also be five local races throughout July and August. 

Queenstown Mountain Bike Club’s online shop, which closed when the last supplier went bust, is expected to be up and running again in the next few weeks. 

The calendar will be on sale for about $25 from September and proceeds will go towards club projects.