One-man crime wave


Police are searching for a “one-man crime wave” suspect believed to have broken into houses and vehicles in Queenstown’s Fernhill. 

Several reports of theft from locked and unlocked homes and cars over the past week have prompted a Wakatipu-wide police warning about being vigilant with property. 

Cops are searching for a young man and possible co-offenders in a 2004 black Ford station wagon, registration CKJ 664. 

“Police believe the occupants using this vehicle are responsible for the burglary of houses and the unlawful interference with motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles,” senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

“One of the occupants is described as a one-man crime wave so he’s not going to stop offending until he’s apprehended.” 

The suspect is understood not to be from Queenstown but could be staying with family and also living out of the station wagon near a park on Williams Street in Sunshine Bay. 

Burglaries have been reported at Fernhill’s Crichton Lane, where a shed was entered and a Dell laptop computer taken. 

A holiday home on Glenorchy Road was entered, with chocolates and DVDs stolen, and another holiday home entered at Closeburn. 

Cars have been entered in Fernhill’s Caples Place – a Sony Vaio laptop and cream purse was pinched – and a campervan on Richards Park Lane had an iPod Nano and GoPro video camera stolen. 

An unlocked vehicle on Lochy Rd had cash nicked and several vehicles parked at a Closeburn property were also entered with items including a GPS unit stolen. A nearby holiday home was also entered. 

A Bowen St property was broken into last weekend with a large quantity of alcohol and a women’s handbag taken but it’s unclear whether this is linked to the Fernhill offences. 

Fingerprints have been taken and cops are asking people to come forward with sightings, or with details of stolen property. 

Night fights 

A 26-year-old Englishman has complained to police after allegedly being beaten up by bouncers at a local bar last Sunday. 

“There’s an allegation that the bouncers went over the top,” Blackford says. 

“It seems the Englishman was told to leave the Boiler Room and he left, but he wanted to get back in to get his jacket. The bouncers wouldn’t let him in and a melee has occurred.” 

Meanwhile, a Brazilian man was arrested at 3am last Saturday for assaulting his neighbour at the Lakeview Holiday Park. 

“It appears they were fighting because one of the fighters had woken up the mother of the other fighter,” Blackford says. 

Soon after, cops dealt with a man assaulted in The Mall after allegedly being attacked from behind. 

“He was pretty intoxicated so he has no idea who it was or why it happened. Police are studying CCTV footage of the area.” 

The man received a swollen lip, bruising to his arm and a sore nose. 

Cops are also looking for a 32-year-old Englishman who allegedly beat up a 46-year-old American man at an Isle St backpackers early yesterday morning. 

A 21-year-old Kiwi man has been arrested for disorderly behaviour after allegedly being involved in a brawl on Shotover St last Sunday. 

Drunk and disorderly 

A man and woman were given a pre-charge warning after interfering with a mat belonging to a shop on Beach St early last Saturday. 

“They were playing with the floor mat and took it for a walk,” Blackford says. 

Cops spoke to two Czech nationals who broke and fell through a large glass window at AMI Insurance on Shotover St last Saturday morning. 

The Czechs required hospital treatment for cuts but no charges were laid. 

Sleeping beauty 

A 19-year-old Swedish tourist phoned police after waking up on a toilet at Skybar yesterday morning. 

The woman had fallen asleep while on the loo but bar staff failed to notice her still in there before they locked up. She woke at 7am. 

“She rang police wanting to get out,” Blackford says. 

“Management were happy to assist the police to release her.”