‘One bad mark and there’s a conviction’


An Arrowtown teenager who sold cannabis to Wakatipu High School mates could avoid conviction if he keeps his nose clean.

In the Queenstown District Court on Monday, Judge Kevin Phillips told Jesse Wilson-Rowe, 17, he’ll reconsider an application for a discharge without conviction in December.

Phillips says he’ll reconsider the section 106 application on the basis of a probation report into Wilson-Rowe’s behaviour from now until December.

Phillips says: “I’m telling you in no uncertain terms, one bad mark and there’s a conviction for you.”

Wilson-Rowe had previously admitted supplying the class C-controlled drug, cannabis, to persons under 18 between August 29 and November 20 last year.

It’s understood he was subsequently expelled from school.

Defence lawyer Tim Cadogan, in the discharge application, says Wilson-Rowe had not profited from the offending.

Cadogan says his client is “a young man of intelligence and ability”, but had come from a “rubbish upbringing”.

Former Wakatipu High School pupil George McCrostie, 18, was jailed for 10 months in Christchurch in February in a related case.

McCrostie admitted three charges of supplying cannabis to a person under 18.

Two other pupils were identified as buying cannabis while at the school but have been allowed to return with significant conditions, including drug testing.

At Monday’s hearing, Wilson-Rowe was sentenced to 12 months’ supervision for dangerous driving at the Lake Hayes scenic reserve on January 5 - and was banned from driving for a year.

Conditions include a drug and alcohol assessment and any treatment as directed. He’s not allowed to buy, possess or consume any booze and illegal drugs.