On cue for hefty fine


An Australian tourist was forced to cough up almost $7000 in diversion money after going on a 3am rampage with a pool cue in Queenstown last Friday.

The 23-year-old man stole the cue from Winnies bar-restaurant then tried to trash a bank ATM with it before smashing the window of McCafe in Camp Street with his fist, cutting his arm in the process.

He was charged with theft, disorderly behaviour and wilful damage.

“The man was ordered to pay $6000 for the window, $300 for each charge and also $40 for the pool cue,” Drader observes.

“He also needed medical treatment after hurting himself so it turned out to be quite an expensive little holiday for him in more ways than one.”

Shopping for P

Another Australian man, this time living in Invercargill, was charged with possession of precursors used for making P after a shopping spree around Wakatipu pharmacies.

The 21-year-old was nabbed by cops last Monday after stocking up on packets of over-the-counter cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine at four different outlets in the space of just a few hours.

“There’s a lot of money to be made on the black market selling these products on to P cooks,” constable Sean Drader of Queenstown police says.

“They’re pretty easy to obtain in the resort and we’ve seen teams of people flying down from Auckland to buy them as they’re not so readily available up there.

“Fortunately, this particular guy’s behaviour was noticed and he was arrested. No one needs more than one packet of cold tablets and he was snapping up quite a few.”

Tagged then bagged

Queenstown cops handled their first case of someone breaking their electronic bail conditions when a 29-year-old man was lifted last Friday.

The offender – originally from Nelson but living in the resort for the past three months – was caught being where he shouldn’t be after his electronic ankle bracelet alerted police.

He was later remanded to prison in Invercargill. “Queenstown police originally opp­­osed this individual being the first to be tagged in the area while on bail but the court chose otherwise,” Drader says.

“He was on bail for a variety of alleged offences, including assault, drugs charges and intentional damage.”
Alarming stupidity

An 18-year-old labourer from Invercargill was charged with activating a fire alarm at the Thirsty Ram bar at 1am last Sunday.

“When police arrived he approached an officer and pretended to ask for directions to somewhere,” Drader says.

“It was a pretty stupid thing to do as he was immediately recognised from CCTV pictures. He certainly wasn’t the brightest.”