O Manual’ for South Americans


South American visitors now have a Portuguese guide to the ins-and-outs of Queenstown. 

Brazilian-born Claudio Heye – one of the first South Americans to settle in Wakatipu – says ‘O Manual’ produced by Queenstown Lakes District Council is definitely useful to him despite having lived here more than 15 years. 

It’s the first council document in a different language and provides information about living in the district, council community services, and preparing for emergencies. 

The guide came about after the Salvation Army and Citizens Advice Bureau expressed a need to cater to the Wakatipu’s large Portuguese-speaking community, now more than 2000. 

Heye, the general manager of Surveyor Thomson vineyard, says: “There are a lot of useful phone numbers and websites and it’d be worth having with me daily.” 

Even though Queenstown has grown a lot in the past 15 years it would still be a fairly small town for the Brazilians who live here, he says. 

“Small towns in South America are most likely still five times the size of Queenstown.” 

However, rules and regulations are different in every country and ‘O Manual’ is a great way to inform those who are new to the district, especially young families, Heye says. 

“This book is compact and easy to use so new arrivals will have a helping hand understanding the way we do things.” 

The Portuguese and English handbooks are at Salvation Army, Citizens Advice Bureau, and council offices in Queenstown and Wanaka. The English and Portuguese versions are on the council’s website.