NZSki season passes heading upwards


Expect a small rise in the earlybird season pass for Queenstown’s two skifields. 

NZSki announces the cost of its tightened-up “locals” pass for Coronet Peak and The Remarkables Ski Areas next Monday. 

Last year’s earlybird pass was $799, after sitting at $699 for two seasons. 

Asked if skiers/boarders can expect a major change, NZSki marketing boss Craig Douglas responds: “I wouldn’t consider it major.”

“I don’t think it’s radical at all given the context of the environment. 

“The costs go up, the investment continues.” 

Cost increases cited by Douglas include the recent GST hike, electricity and fuel rising 20 and 15 per cent, respectively, and the new higher minimum wage. 

In December NZSki flagged that it’s tightening up conditions for its earlybird pass. 

Non-Otago-Southland residents will have to pay full price unless they bought a season pass last year or own property here. 

Douglas says when people come to collect their pass they’ll have to provide proof they qualify – for example, a rates bill or bank statement with an address. 

“If you’re a backpacker that’s come here for the season and you can show us that you’ve got a rental agreement that keeps you here for the season, or a letter from a recognised employer that says, ‘I’ve employed this person for the season’, then we’ll recognise them as a local.” 

Douglas says there weren’t a huge number of “non-locals” buying earlybird passes. 

“But they were still of some significance or we wouldn’t bother making the change.” 

Earlybird passes will be on sale till March 17.