Nobody move there has been a turder


A disgusted Frankton Village shopkeeper has called in cops after poo and maggots greeted her at work. 

Minnie Crawford found excrement on Shoes Unlimited’s doorstep last Friday – a paper bag full of maggots was also splattered on the path beside the store. 

“Maggots really, really piss me off. Poo I could’ve handled, but maggots are just too far,” Crawford says. She immediately called police. 

Crawford blames residential tenants in a neighbouring building for the mess after maggots were also found in their bin. 

Queenstown police made the people, who Crawford describes as Kiwi males in their twenties, clean it up. 

“Obviously it’s a disgusting act,” sergeant Steve Watt says. “It’s completely unnecessary and detrimental to the running of the local business that’s affected.” 

Crawford says in the past, the same people had allegedly been dumping household rubbish in a public bin near the shop until Queenstown Lakes District Council moved the bin further down the road. 

The tenants have since been filling Shoes Unlimited’s recycling bin with their domestic waste for about a month, Crawford claims. 

Crawford has never confronted the alleged culprits – but says a week after she put up a sign asking people to stop, she discovered a poo on her doorstep. 

“It could be just a coincidence,” Crawford says. 

The stools looked suspiciously human, but Crawford says neither she nor Sergeant Watt were willing to confirm it. 

“We will never actually know whether it was a dog or a human. [Sergeant Watt] said he’s not going to put his nose next to it to find out what it is.” 

Although the tenants cleaned it up, they denied putting the faeces there, Crawford says. 

The fed-up shopkeeper is also disappointed by QLDC’s efforts to deal with the matter, saying: “It’s their job if somebody isn’t disposing of waste properly. But it’s in the too-hard basket so they’d rather not see it.” 

Crawford adds: “They just tell me ‘it’s on private property, you’ve got to deal with it’. It makes me very mad – we pay for recycling.” 

There have been no further problems since police spoke to the tenants.