No, really it was this big


Brazilian Queenstowner Andrea Azevedo (pictured) proudly shows off the whopping 9.5 pound rainbow trout she fished out of Lake Wakatipu.

Azevedo, 32, says moments before she hooked it in Frankton Arm recently she was complaining to her boyfriend Nick Geddes she wanted to go home as they were having no luck.

“[But then] I was so excited, I can’t explain it,” she says.

After the fish put up a brief fight, Geddes scooped it out of the water in both hands and into their small dinghy.
“I’ve been fishing here all my life and that’s the biggest I’ve caught,” Geddes says.

“It tired off pretty quickly for a fish that size. But when it took off, it took plenty of line out.

“You’re thinking ‘I wonder how well hooked it is’. I thought it was going to go ping, or the hook would bend.”
Geddes praises Southern Lakes Hunting Guides staffer Anthony Hall for recommending
a red and black lure.