No mean climbing feat


Two local climbers tested their limits by scaling 1000 metres of rock around Queenstown’s Remarkables mountains in only two days.

Guillaume Charton, 40, and Thomas van den Berg, 36, climbed in three valleys and, as quickly as possible, walked, bush-bashed and scrambled almost 30 kilometres between destinations.

Charton says climbing 1000m is equivalent to climbing three Auckland Sky Towers with bare hands.

Some rock faces were very steep, he adds.

Each day they started at 4am, finishing at 7pm on the first day and 8pm on the second.

“This definitely tested our limits, and we were very close to not completing this epic journey.”

Travelling light, to increase their speed, meant carrying little gear and very little food.

“The highlight might have been sharing a few rice crackers at the end of the second day,” Charton says.

He’s fairly certain he and Van den Berg achieved a first.

“We named this achievement ‘Remarkables Grunt’.”