‘No justice’ over arson


A Queenstown mum-of-two says she can “finally move on with life” after the man who tried to burn her house down was sentenced to prison.

But Mel Cocker still feels like there’s “no justice” in our justice system.

Blocklayer Dillan Wilson, 22, has been sentenced to four years and four months in jail after admitting charges including the arson of her Rere Road home on May 15, two separate burglaries, and accessing a computer system to contact her.

He’s also been ordered to pay Cocker, who was asleep in the house with her two young children and 19-year-old nephew when he lit the fire, $4000.

Cocker, who’s been approached for comment, posted on Mountain Scene’s Facebook page she’s about $30,000 out of pocket, because she was “under-insured”.

She says he’d been stalking her for six weeks and she had protection and trespass orders against him. He puts his behaviour down to a “persistent use of P” and his “upset at the end of the relationship with Cocker”.

When she didn’t answer a call from him on May 16, he decided to try and burn her house down so she would “feel the same pain he felt being rejected”.

On bail he used several phones and different Facebook profiles to harass her, her family and associates, threatened her partner and and posted about her “all over” Facebook.

That went on “for months” while they waited out the court process.

While she says there is “no justice in the justice system”, there is one positive: “On the upside, my children and I can finally move on with life.”