No footage of brain injury bar assault’


A Queenstown bouncer fighting an alleged serious assault charge can’t rely on camera footage to clear him – there isn’t any. 

Infamous bouncer Jonathan Dixon, urging people not to pre-judge him after appearing in Queenstown District Court on Monday, has said CCTV footage will prove he didn’t assault Subculture patron Jordan Sinke on January 21. 

Sinke, 26, remains in Dunedin Hospital recovering from brain surgery. Sinke was put in an induced coma after the 3am incident in the Queenstown nightclub and had a 10-12cm bone flap removed to ease pressure on his brain. 

Subculture co-owner Simon Hendl says no footage of the incident exists. 

“Unfortuntately no, our CCTV has been offline for a long time now, maybe a year or so.” 

Hendl says having surveillance cameras inside has never been a priority. 

“When something like this happens, it does cause you to evaluate whether or not it’s a priority to have it inside. This kind of incident is probably going to make us revisit that but we’ve certainly never had any cause for it in the past. 

“Two years ago we used CCTV for an alleged jacket theft which turned out to be a false alarm, and I can’t recall it being used prior.” 

Hendl says he wants it clarified that Dixon doesn’t work as a bouncer at the bar – nor is he a Subculture regular. 

“He doesn’t come to Subculture hardly at all.” 

Hendl, known as DJ Downtown Brown, says on the night of the incident he himself was DJing at Subculture but didn’t see what happened. 

“I did see Jordan on the ground – he was in the channel between the bar and wall that goes through to the games room. 

“When I came over to see what was going on, they’d already called an ambulance and Jordan was surrounded by a whole lot of friends looking after him.” 

Hendl adds: “It was a really mellow night – there was probably about 30 people in the bar. None of my bar staff even saw a scuffle.” 

At Monday’s court appearance Dixon indicated via duty solicitor Sonia Vidal that he planned to plead not guilty to a charge of wounding with reckless disregard causing grievous bodily harm. 

“His instructions to me are he is not guilty and he was going to assist rather than assault the main complainant,” Vidal told Judge Michael Turner. 

Queenstown police arrested Dixon last Friday when he was also charged with common assault of Sinke’s mate Thomas Beatson. 

Judge Turner remanded Dixon on bail until his next court appearance on February 13. Bail conditions require Dixon not to frequent bars except if he’s working as a bouncer. 

Dixon is a controversial figure in Queenstown after uploading to YouTube footage from inside Altitude Bar showing English Rugby World Cup star Mike Tindall partying with an ex-girlfriend. The footage was spliced with excerpts of Dixon describing the behaviour of Tindall – who’d recently married royal Zara Phillips – as “unbecoming”. It sparked a media frenzy.