No food, no water


A man who claims he’s survived for years on nothing but fresh air is hosting talks in Queenstown.

Victor Truviano from Argentina is believed to be one of the world’s few practising Pranic Breatharians.

This means he mobilises mind-mastering techniques to enable him to go without food and water for years on end.

It’s also claimed Truviano can even stop breathing for many hours at a time.

“Victor will be here to teach us the principles of how we can consciously and powerfully re-programme any emotional, physical or mental state,” Queenstown alternative therapist Chevy Chisholm says. She’s helping organise the visit.

Truviano will give a free public talk at 6.30pm at the Copthorne Hotel on Wednesday, where people can quiz him about his unusual lifestyle.

This is followed by all-day seminars at the same venue on August 15-16 costing $150 a day.

Truviano also does one-on-one “deep healing” sessions billed as Magnetic Moments.