No drama’ over teens’ triple lake dunking


Three teenage boys were fished out of Queenstown Bay on Monday when the parasailing boat towing them had to power down suddenly because of a log in the lake.

The teens floated gently down from a height of five to 10 metres, Paraflights co-owner Carrick McLellan says.

They were in the water only a minute before being rescued by a Kawarau Jet craft. “No drama, really,”McLellan says.

McLellan was driving his boat at the time and says he could have avoided the log by accelerating but his craft would have gone into a five-knot zone full of swimmers and kayakers.

“So I just decided to pull off the gas and pop [the teens] in the water.”

The rescue jetboat then sucked a parachute rope into an engine intake, but that was quickly fixed, McLellan adds.