No crack-ing up over this


A solitary complaint has caused this advert on the rear end of a Queenstown Connectabus to be canned. 

Complainant K. Gardiner was apoplectic about the headline: “Unlike his crack … you’ll want to explore ours”. 

“I found being faced with the bare backside of a man and the comment to be very offensive,” Gardiner grizzled to the Advertising Standards Authority. 

“It was in the most appalling bad taste. I wasn’t able to ignore it as it was on the bus in front of me as I travelled along the road from Remarkables Park,” Gardiner protested 

A “sexual undertone” and an illustration “very close to mooning” caused further upset. 

“Queenstown already has a reputation for allowing loose behaviour and this seems to reinforce that this behaviour is acceptable,” Gardiner thundered. 

Advertiser Franz Josef Glacier Guides told the ASA they’d had no other complaints and it wasn’t “mooning”, which “requires the complete removal of pants”. 

The advert “clearly related to a widely-known phenomenon”, Glacier Guides said, citing the Australian, United States and Canadian term ‘plumber’s crack’ and the British ‘builder’s bum’. 

Nevertheless, the firm pulled the advert to mollify Gardiner.