No Chairy McChairlift


Hopes for a Chairy McChairlift write-in campaign have been dashed, with NZSki announcing the new name for the Coronet Express is … the Coronet Express.

Naming rights for the new chondola were put to the public, with a vote taking place on Coronet Peak’s Facebook page.

The options were: Wakatipu View Express, Sunrise to Sunset, Peak Express, Good Times Express, and Coronet Express.

Voters played it safe, sticking with the existing Coronet Express moniker.

The new high-speed Telemix from Leitner Ropeways of Italy combines a six-seat chairlift with gondola cabins.

Coronet Peak operations manager Mark Sommerville says: “We weren’t surprised with the result, Coronet Express has a 25-year legacy and has transported five million passengers up to the peak.

“We wanted a name that was relevant to both winter and summer operations that would stand the test of time. We’re happy with Coronet Express.”