Trey’s touchdown

Eye for art: Trey Ratcliff, left, with Sir Michael Hill and the work in his Queenstown home

What do LA Rams wide-receiver Brandin Cooks and Queenstown jeweller and golf course owner Sir Michael Hill have in common?

Both Hill and Cooks, who earlier this week lost his second consecutive Super Bowl, have walls in their homes adorned with huge prints by resort photo artist Trey Ratcliff.

Ratcliff, one of the world’s top photo travel bloggers through his website Stuck in Customs, has been running his fine art photos business for three years and made more than $1 million in sales.

The prints are limited edition, making them collectable and valued.

Ratcliff, who specialises in high-dynamic range photos, says: “Buying huge pieces of art can be very scary.

“It’s a major commitment to a (hopefully) beloved wall in the home. Even though people have great imagi-nations, you never really know until it is on the wall. But the universal reaction has been overwhelmingly and emotionally positive.”

American Ratcliff, whose work hangs in the Smith-sonian in Washington D.C., has the same visceral response to seeing his work in situ.

“We don’t live in a world where we see HUGE photos any more. We stare at our 7 inch phones and see tiny little squares on Instagram.

“But large, complex scenes, like I enjoy shooting, read completely differently when they are huge.

“Also, humans are used to ‘experiencing’ a landscape by turning their heads this way and that to drink it all in. When the viewer actually has to move their head around, the work is much more transportive.”

Ratcliff sold out many of the limited editions released in Series 1 and 2, and last year released a future 21.

That was shortly after Cooks visited Queenstown and Ratcliff’s studio.

“He’s an avid photographer as well.”

The NFL player has two of the works and is interested in more. He could afford to buy the lot – his five-year Rams contract is worth $US81 million.