Restaurant complex finds favour


Shotover Country residents are embracing plans for a large development in the Queenstown suburb, but remain uneasy about growing traffic problems.

Shotover Country Ltd plans to build a restaurant and 30 homes on green space on either side of Stalker Road.

Clark Pirie, Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country Community Association chairman, says residents are “generally happy” with the plans, as long as the development’s similar to the existing hub in Lake Hayes Estate.

The plans include a two-storey building, immediately north of Cheltenham Rd, containing the restaurant and another commercial tenancy, with seven visitor accommodation apartments on the top floor.

Most of the homes will be built on Florence Park, on the other side of Stalker Rd.

Pirie says there’s an “overwhelming feeling” among residents that significant changes are needed to accommodate increased traffic, especially if more houses are built.