Un-bull-ievable: Kincardine Stud's Mike Smith and his 18-month-old, $81,000 bull


A Queenstown Angus stud’s achieved a record price for South Island bull sales this year.

Kincardine Angus Stud — the district’s only Angus stud — raised $81,000 from the sale of 18-month old bull, Kincardine Rainstorme, at stud owners Mike and Gemma Smith’s first on-farm auction.

‘‘It was just an awesome day out for everyone who’s been involved in the Kincardine  journey and the Kincardine family … it was a great reward for breeding really,’’ Mike says.

The sale’s also believed to be the second-highest South Island sale ever.

He says the price was the result of a well-balanced animal with a correct phenotype and a good balance of estimated breeding values (EBVs) right across the board.

‘‘[EBVs] get apportioned to things such as the calving ability, its reproductive ability, its  growth rate, performance, and also the carcass traits, which results in the eating product at the end of the day,’’ Mike says.

The bull was bought by the Giddings family from Meadowslea Angus in Fairlie, who planned to sell semen from the bull into Angus studs and the commercial beef industry across the country.

‘‘This will be great to see the results of our bloodlines being in tegrated into other herds of cows,’’ Mike says.

‘‘It’s wonderful to see the confidence in the Angus breed continue to be at the forefront of the New Zealand beef industry — from being productive in the expanse of the high country to resulting in a great product for the ultimate dining experience in the city,’’ he says.

At last month’s auction, the Smiths sold 14 other bulls at an average price of $14,585 — which Mike believes is the highest average price in New Zealand.

‘‘[The auction] was … exceptional would be the word, beyond expectations,’’ Mike says.

The farm was started by Mike’s parents, Alastair and Di Smith, in 1969 and taken over by Mike and Gemma in 2006.

They also own Queenstown’s Gem’s.