New school year first school gear


Queenstown Primary new entrants Alfie Yeo and Zoe Deering reckon their new school clobber is pretty cool. 

Yesterday was the first day back for the school – and the first day pupils have ever had to wear uniforms. 

Compulsory uniforms were an “overwhelming” school community choice in a survey two years ago, principal John Western says. 

He’s “very supportive” about uniforms. 

“It will definitely contribute to a sense of pride and identity and reduce the issue of [clothing] labels – with some having them and some not,” Western says. 

He also believes it’ll be cheaper in the long run, saying the items are “very affordable”, giving a $35 fleece top as an example. 

“In time, we’ll certainly be looking forward to having a second-hand market too,” Western adds. 

Yet he’s conscious of the concern some parents have had about the initial $250 outlay for both summer and winter uniforms. 

“It’s a fair question, it’s a lot of money.” 

Parents of between 10 and 20 families have been to see him, Western says, but the school can’t pay the uniform costs for them.