New Queenstown mayor and councillors get pay rise


Queenstown’s mayor and councillors are getting a salary hike. 

Queenstown Lakes District Council gets $368,790 from the Remuneration Authority to be divvied up between the newly elected members – the same amount as last year. 

A report by the deputy boss and finance manager Stewart Burns proposes that money be dished out differently by creating a new position comprising the deputy mayor, community board chair and standing committee chair roles. 

In that role councillor Lyal Cocks will pocket $48,997 annually, which is about 22 per cent higher than a committee chair. 

Councillors will receive $29,165, up almost four per cent, while chairs of standing committees will get $40,102. 

Mayor Vanessa van Uden’s salary gets bumped almost eight per cent from $85,316 to $91,900. 

Community board members also won’t be included on a standing committee. 

The proposed pay increases are expected to be passed at the first full meeting of the newly-elected council tomorrow.