New local bar is easy on the ice


United States ice sculptor Peter Slavin grinds away on a polar bear for Queenstown’s newest ice bar. 

Slavin and fellow US business colleague Kevin Roscoe – both former world champion ice carvers – are also creating an emperor penguin, baby polar bear, life-size gondola cabin and photo booth for Below Zero. 

The new bar, which opens in Searle Lane next Wednesday, is “a sculpture you walk inside of”, Slavin says. 

The colleagues are working on more than 30 tonnes of ice shipped over from the US. 

Slavin says there’s a big difference between his style of ice sculpting and buffet table ice artists. 

“We focus on the overall mood and feel of the place – we visualise it then bring it to life through our hearts and hands.” 

One of the southern hemisphere’s largest ice bars, Below Zero is owned by Christchurch interests. 

It will serve Absolut vodka in frozen ice glasses. 

It’ll be the second ice bar in Queenstown, which is also home to Minus 5 in Steamer Wharf.