New how-to guides to capitalise on Chinese/Indian visitors


New briefing guides on Chinese and Indian visitors have been released to help operators capitalise on the growth markets.

Numbers of tourists from China and India are surging but the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand is warning operators to adapt quickly to take full advantage.

TIA boss Martin Snedden says Chinese and Indian visitors have different needs and expectations to more traditional Australian, British and American visitors.

“To properly realise the potential of these new tourism markets and grow tourism’s contribution to New Zealand’s economy, we must understand and be confident in our ability to deliver the hospitality and experiences they are looking for,” Snedden says.

“Our visitor mix is changing quickly and our approach has to change with it.” 

TIA has produced the two briefing booklets – called The China and India Cultural Briefs – to help operators better understand and cater for tourists from those countries.

Snedden says they’re a useful basic starting point to help better deliver an outstanding visitor experience.

Tips include things like providing later meal times for Indian visitors who tend to dine later and also prefer to shop afterwards.

It also suggests allowing for flexibility in pricing to allow for the Chinese love of bargaining.

The booklets, produced with assistance by Auckland Airport – a shareholder in Queenstown Airport – are free to TIA members or available for purchase otherwise.

The announcement comes weeks after Auckland Airport’s departing chief executive Simon Moutter told a Queenstown business luncheon there was no point waiting for growth to return to flagging European markets.

“The global architecture of travel, as it affects us in New Zealand, has well and truly tilted towards Asia. Adapt or die,” Moutter said at the time.