Near-naked Casanova legs it from dorm


A half-naked man legged it from a Queenstown backpackers – and the girl he was making out with – after police were called. 

Security staff at the YHA on Lake Esplanade were trying to remove the man when he scarpered. 

Senior constable Sean Drader: “A female manager found a male in his underwear kissing a girl at the premises and asked him to leave.” 

The amorous chap had gone before cops arrived, Drader says. 

YHA southern area boss Marilyn Welsh says the mystery man had been sneaking into the hostel illegally for several nights till Monday. 

Welsh isn’t sure how he ended up in the hostel on Monday night with the girl, who was officially staying in a shared dorm. 

“We were just trying to get him out. He hadn’t paid and was using our facilities. 

“She was in a shared dorm room. It’s absolutely not appropriate – who wants to listen to other people? 

“If she was in a private room she could have whoever she likes,” Welsh says. 

Meanwhile, a Frenchman was charged with wilful damage after losing the plot at Base backpackers in Shotover Street at 3.30am last Friday. 

“The offender was allegedly arguing with a guest before smashing a recycling bin,” Drader comments. 

“It is said he became obnoxious and refused to pay for the damage, so a wee trip down to the police station was required.”

Punch drunk

An unemployed man, 21, was charged with assault after he allegedly punched another male to the ground at 1.20am on Tuesday. 

“The alleged offender was worse for drink and had apparently been arguing with two other men in Camp St,” Drader says. 

“Another male tried to intervene but he was turned on and assaulted.”

Fighting fools

Two men were charged with disorderly behaviour after they fell through a downtown shop window during an argument. 

It’s alleged that a 38-year-old Queenstown chef was arguing with an unemployed man, 20, from Auckland, outside a car rental office in Shotover St when the pair crashed through the glass at 3am last Sunday. 

“There had been a bit of pushing and shoving going on beforehand,” Drader observes. 

Domestic trouble

An Englishman, 30, holidaying in Queenstown was arrested for allegedly bashing his longstanding partner in the early hours of last Sunday. 

“Police were called to an address in Goldfield Heights where a woman had allegedly been punched in the face,” Drader says. 

“A man was subsequently charged with male assaults female.” 

Aussie piddler waters plants

A 24-year-old yob from Australia was done for urinating in a plant box outside Bardeaux at 1.20am last Sunday. 

“I don’t know if the guy thought he was watering the plants or not, but the busy arcade he was caught doing this at is not a public toilet,” Drader observes. 

“He was charged with offensive behaviour.”

An unwelcome takeaway

A car was ransacked and items stolen outside McDonald’s in Frankton at 5pm last Saturday. 

“It’s believed the thief reached through a partially opened window and lifted a black North Face rucksack,” Drader says. 

“A blue, goose down jacket and a wallet was in the bag.”