Nasty bar brawling breaks out at Winnies


Police want to trace these men (right) caught on CCTV allegedly assaulting two men at the pool table area in Winnies bar and restaurant. 

Two Australian victims, aged 23 and 25, received broken noses and one also suffered chipped teeth during a brawl just after midnight last Saturday. 

“Quite a few people seem to have been involved in this fight and it was a nasty one,” constable Sean Drader says. 
“One victim appears to have been held down on the pool table while different offenders punched him.” 

Drader adds: “One of the alleged offenders has tattooed arms and is likely to be an Australian, while his buddy was wearing a large red cap.” 

Four-times a loser

A 32-year-old Frankton man was slapped with four different charges after going berserk in the Frankton Arm Tavern. 

He is alleged to have thrown bottles and glasses around and left staff terrified before scarpering last Friday night. 

“For some reason he came back to the bar after police had been called and was arrested,” Drader says. 

The alleged offender was charged with disorderly behaviour, wilful damage, intimidation and throwing missiles.

Idiots kick cop car

Two 18-year-old local men were charged with disorderly behaviour after kicking a police car in Ballarat Street at 1.15am last Saturday. 

“They weren’t exactly the brightest,” Drader observes. 

And two other Queenstown men were arrested for legging it from a taxi without paying at 4.40am a week ago today. 

“One bloke who ran away was caught by the driver and the other decided to walk from Fernhill to Queenstown police station to hand himself in,” Drader says. “It was all over a $10 fare, which is pretty pathetic.”