Naked builder and bar-dancer friend nicked


A man found running around Frankton Marina naked and his bar-dancer female friend have been arrested on drugs charges. 

The 23-year-old builder from Whanganui was also charged with assault after allegedly attacking a passer-by at 4.40pm on September 13. 

“Police were called to Frankton Marina as the man had taken his clothes off and was acting very strangely,” constable Sean Drader says. 

“It’s alleged that when a member of the public went to find out what was happening, the offender tried to drag the victim into Lake Wakatipu and was ranting about trying to save him from the radiation. 

“The offender is then alleged to have tackled the victim from behind and he hit his head on the ground and suffered cuts and bruises.” 

Police later discovered a large quantity of amphetamine or methamphetamine at the Frankton address of the offender’s female friend. 

Drader adds: “A 20-year-old female dancer and her male friend were both charged with possession of drugs for supply and the man was also charged with assault.”

Cop burgled

The home of a holidaying Queenstown police officer has been burgled. Cops were called on Monday by house-sitters who returned from skiing to find the front door open. 

“The house had been locked up but someone managed to get in and a large flat screen TV was taken,” Drader says. 

Bottle-thrower nabbed

An Aussie housekeeper was arrested after allegedly throwing a bottle at a car then trying to get into the vehicle. 

“The 22-year-old man was leaving a party in the Stanley St area about 1.30am last Sunday and allegedly broke the car window with the bottle,” Drader says. 

He was charged with unlawful interference with a motor vehicle. Bashed at Fergburger 

A 21-year-old Kiwi barwoman working in Queenstown was charged with assault after she allegedly attacked an Irishman, 23, outside Fergburger in Shotover Street. 

“An argument had started in the line and after the female left with her burger she allegedly came back and punched the man in the head,” Drader says. 

“Why she was bringing herself to the attention of the police is anyone’s business because she also had an outstanding fines warrant for $3000.” 

The incident happened at 1.30am last Thursday.

Car-azy behaviour

A Queenstown builder, 38, was done for drink-driving and dangerous driving after allegedly hitting two parked cars with his Subaru in Panorama Terrace before scarpering. 

“He was picked up walking along the street where he lives and told officers he was just going home to call the police,” Drader comments. 

The incident happened about 7pm last Saturday. 

Police are looking for the driver of a silver or white 4WD car that hit three parked vehicles on Fernhill Road at 4.30am last Saturday. 

“The driver apparently got out for a look before taking off,” Drader says. 

“The alleged offender’s vehicle is likely to have damage to its left-hand side.”