Mystery in the sky above


This looks like a black blob to most of us, but to Rodrigo Pedrosa it suggests aliens could exist.

Pedrosa says he spotted a “UFO” from the window of his Frankton Motor Camp cabin.

“I saw this object, flying in a zig-zag above Cecil Peak,” says the 31-year-old Queenstown resident.

“It was really small.

“It might be a balloon, but unless it was the wind pulling it from one side to the other it wouldn’t be moving like that.

“I paraglide and it wasn’t a paraglider – or a bird – so I had to grab my camera.”

The Brazilian draftsman claims he snapped the mystery object at 8.13pm on February 27 (pictured above, and magnified in the inset), but when he went to photograph it again – with the mountain in the frame – it “just disappeared”.

Pedrosa says he tried to contact Queenstown Airport to see if anyone was planning to fly over Cecil Peak that day, but the air controller wasn’t interested.