Mystery delay for Hanley’s sale day


A Queenstown land grab has been postponed for unexplained reasons.

Last month’s launch of 100 sections, comprising the first stage of the huge Hanley’s Farm subdivision, north of Jack’s Point, was to have culminated in a sales day last Saturday.

Prospective purchasers who’ve paid a refundable $2000 deposit, however, have been advised that the sales date’s been postponed till July 30.

‘The Hanley’s Farm Team’ has told them in writing: “This is an unfortunate situation that has been bought [sic] about due to some unresolved planning matters.

The note goes on: “It is the developer’s preference to see these issues resolved prior to holding the sales day.”

What’s the hold-up? Angus Ramsay, from Melbourne-based vendor RCL Queenstown Ltd, isn’t saying.

He tells Mountain Scene: “No comment, it’s between us and the purchasers.”

Local council comms boss Michele Poole says the delay isn’t council’s doing.

“Because the subdivision is taking place under the operative [Jack’s Point] resort zoning it is not affected by the appeals against plan change 44.”

Given the popularity of stage one, with 800 people thought to have paid deposits, one source suggests Hanley’s might be rushing to release its next stage.