Music exodus begins after Revolver closes


The exodus has begun. 

Music promoters tipped live music acts would bypass Queenstown after the closure of Revolver bar last November. 

Popular Australian band The Red Eyes, scheduled to play at the Shotover Street venue in Queenstown with The Nomad on January 26, has now pulled pin on the resort. 

The Melbourne dub and reggae group instead plans to kick off its New Zealand tour over the hill in Wanaka’s Opium bar. 

The Red Eyes promoter Tilly Morris tells Mountain Scene no one let them know Revolver had shut. 

“We’ve just been confirming a new venue as the closure was a total surprise for us. We heard by word of mouth. 

“Crazy stuff,” Morris says this week. 

Back in November, Auckland-based Monkey Records spokesman Nigel Monkey lamented Revolver’s demise. 

“The closure of Revolver will likely take Queenstown off the touring schedule for many acts as it was the one venue in Queenstown that supported original live New Zealand acts.” 

Auckland-based music industry veteran Barry Blackler echoed those comments, adding: “If you were putting together a 12-day tour of NZ and wanted to put Queenstown in you’d be struggling to find a venue now.” 

Revolver co-owner Jono Stapleton, who started the venue six years ago, was prompted to close it after a noise complaint from the new owner of an apartment above the bar.