Sod's law: Elle Pearce, Tess McGregor, and Astaria Vink at The Remarkables skifield on Tuesday morning


NZSki chief executive Paul Anderson says it’s a case of Murphy’s Law for the company’s two Queenstown skifields, both of which have received big dollops of snow in the past few days.

‘‘We’ve got the best conditions of the season, and we get a snap lockdown,’’ Anderson says.

‘‘But we understand the reasons for it, and want to do all we can to support the country in
getting through this.’’

He says the welfare of staff is the company’s biggest concern, particularly if the lockdown’s

Contracted staff have a minimum number of hours they are paid for, and anyone rostered to work during the lockdown is getting some form of support.

The company’s waiting for more detail on the wage subsidy and other forms of business support from the government, so it can provide staff with more certainty, he says.