Murder most meow


Glenorchy’s in the midst of a moggy murder mystery. Well, maybe.

The town cat, Clara, is missing, presumed dead.

Locals and businesses are putting up $1000 for anyone who can prove the rumour floating around town that she’s been shot.

But curiosity hasn’t cleared up her disappearance.

Queenstown Cat Rescue’s Julia Milley says Clara went missing on September 25.

By the next day “talk of the town” was that she’d been shot and killed.

If someone can prove ‘whodunnit’, and will testify in court, Cat Rescue aims to prosecute the cat killer for animal abuse.

Corrine Davis, from tourist shop Made In Glenorchy, says the cat was well known for going on walks with tourists, rubbing their legs and even getting into cars.

She’s not convinced the moggy has been shot – she reckons she saw Clara after she was rumoured to have been killed.

“She could’ve jumped into someone’s car and they didn’t discover her until halfway up the Queenstown road.

“Anything could have happened, it’s just a mystery.”

Glenorchy Cafe boss Grant Treleaven reckons Clara wasn’t the friendliest of cats and would “scratch, bite and draw blood” on the back of his legs if he didn’t feed her.

But despite her wild tendencies he continued to feed her and let her curl up on a seat in his cafe.

“She was costing me a chicken salad a day … but I felt sorry for her.”

Clara did have a home.

Graham Dunstan – who used to run The Lodge Glenorchy – adopted Clara from Cat Rescue a few years ago as a desexed kitten.

Mountain Scene couldn’t reach Dunstan.

Milley understands Dunstan moved from the lodge to a house nearby and took Clara with him, but she continued to roam the streets and go back to the lodge.

Cat Rescue has received photos and messages from visitors all over the world who met Clara.

Milley: “She was an absolute darling and would even attend the town meetings.”

However, nobody in Glenorchy’s willing to let the cat out of the bag.