Mrs Magoo is coming through beep, beep


A 33-year-old woman was collared for careless driving after some bizarre on-the-road antics.

The woman, from South Korea, picked up a rental car from Queenstown Airport on the morning of May 5 and shortly afterwards hit a parked car in Douglas Street, Frankton.

“The lady couldn’t turn her vehicle around in the dead-end road and St John workers came out of their office and did it for her,” local constable Sean Drader says.

“They also noticed she didn’t know how to put her seat belt on.”

A few minutes later the woman returned and ambulance staff had to again turn her vehicle when she got stuck for a second time.

“Police then received reports of some very dodgy driving on the Kingston road and the woman was spotted by officers weaving across the white lines near Kelvin Heights,” Drader adds.

“It turned out she’d passed her driving test three years ago but had never driven since and was practising in Queenstown.

“It’s worrying to think people like that are out there behind the wheel,” he says.

Have you seen this jacket?

This Queens­towner had this winter coat (right) nicked from Surreal bar and restaurant on the night of May 2 – and he wants it back.

“The jacket was left on a chair and when the owner went to leave, it was missing,” Drader says.
“It’s a Special Blend make and is black with a purple lining.”

Pizza punch-up

A manager at Slice pizza parlour in Shotover Street was attacked by a drunk man at 4am last Sunday.

“The victim said he was punched in the face and had a chair thrown over the counter at him,” Drader

“The offender had earlier been asked by the shop worker to stop urinating in the lane outside, but the man allegedly told him to get lost or he’d burn the place down.

“We’d like to hear from anyone who may have seen something.”

Licence to steal

A man had a jacket containing three international pilot’s licences pinched from the World Bar at 2.15am last Saturday.

“The black leather jacket has a ripped lining and had licences for New Zealand, Australia and Canada in a pocket,” Drader observes.

“The victim obviously wants these back,” he adds.