Mountain Scene’s #PleaToKey


Dear John Key,

Thanks for arranging that deal last week to get to visit us in 2018. That’s a great incentive for Amway’s staff – and a chance for Queenstowners to reflect on how we’ll cope.

We’re worried, Mr Key. The town isn’t keeping up with tourist demand and there isn’t much of a “shoulder season” any more.

It’s not just . and rents are out of control. There’s a growing gap between what people are paid and what they can afford.

The council line is “we’ve got this”, that fast-tracked housing’s . But it’s not coming .

We’ve talked to the government about a , they say, and submitted a for a convention centre.

But there’s silence from Wellington.

Can you level with us? Are the proposals too sketchy? Is it too close to the next election?

There has been progress – millions of dollars spent on and wider state highways and a being built over the Kawarau River. Thanks for that.

But we’re worried about how we can afford to live here.

Mountain Scene is asking the people of Queenstown to make a ‘Plea to Key’ by sending this page, and their comments, to you at your Freepost address (Freepost Parliament, Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160). Or email:

Will you help? We’d really like to know.

Mountain Scene